HiPIMS Sputter Coatings

So what is HiPIMS? This term stands for Hi Power Impulse Magnetron Sputter, Pretty confusing right? To put it simply HiPIMS technology allows us to create super smooth coatings, with superior adhesion, higher oxidization temps and improved wear resistance.

These coatings have relatively low compressive stress and the most beneficial characteristics of sputter coatings for cutting tools used for hard, high-speed and dry machining under elevated loads. Additionally, the development and improvement of materials will create ever new challenges for machining operations. In particular, aerospace materials such as titanium and high-temperature Superalloys that are common for power generation equipment require dense coatings with high thermal and oxidation stability.

HiPIMS – High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
HiPulse Power HiPIMS PVD Power Nitride Coating

Edge Preparation

Edge preparation is a great way to remove the high stress sharpened cutting edge after grinding, reducing chipping and improving tool life. KHTE can offer both pre-coating tool preparation and post coating tool treatments as required in the industry today. This system uses a brush to hone the cutting edge of a tool leaving a small radius on the cutting edge. We can ensure the correct size hone is achieved with the use of our Alicona measuring device. (Explained below). Please contact us to enquire about edge preparation.


Great results come from good edge preparation and coating application. To ensure we achieve great quality, we invested in the best vision-based inspection technology available, an Alicona Infinite Focus SL. This system is fitted with a motorized stage for large area scans. Alicona measurement devices are used successfully as tool measurement devices for cutting edge measurement, as roughness measurement devices and as form measurement devices. This technology allows us to measure form plus roughness in a single set up. Calot and indent testing is also performed after every run to ensure coating thickness and adhesion quality is maintained.